What if Bahubali happened in Hollywood


It’s just a ‘What If’ but we just found a perfect cast for or Hollywood’s take of Bahubali ‘Bahubaleros’

Presenting you the one and only Mahenr Bahubaleros… Yeah yeah!! Maheeeeendra Baahubaliiiiiiiii πŸ˜‰


Yeah!! Henry Cavill it is..Isn’t he one of the God’s finest creations. Just Imagine him as Β ‘Amehr Bahubali’ … our very own Amarendra Bahubali…. Heysaaaaaa😁



I mean… Come on! Just look at him 😍


And what is Bahubali without that mighty Bhallaladeva… Let’s say ‘Bhallalaver’ . Jason Momoa aka Khal Drogo aka Aquaman πŸ’ͺ🏻

1498835073176Where is our Deva Deva Devasena? Here she is. Our ‘Devarys’ The Wonder Gal😘 ‘

I couldn’t find a better match honestly. Tell me if you did.

1498835391011How can we ignore the awesomosomo mommy Sivagami…mmm… ‘Sivansi’ Cate Blanchett1498835133448The third leading lady is here. Say hello to ‘Avanthera’ πŸ˜› Daisy

1498835464773The best story teller in the world. Because he wouldn’t miss a single song lyric too and the one who made our nerves wreck for a year thinking why he killed Bahubali. Kattappa… ‘Kattappen’ πŸ˜… Patrick Stewart

1498835496436Not everybody’s favourite but come on…It’s breaker of the walls… Bijjaladeva ‘Bijjalaver’ Kurt Russell ….After watching GOG2.. yeah! Why not? He’s perfect to be Bijju

1498835422742And who will produce this Magnum Opus?

Don’t worry. They got our back 😁

1498839929674It might be too much for us to handle. See you at Imagination Land πŸ˜‰