10 types of articles you definitely find in your feed


Oh wait! That was just a clickbait. I don’t really have 10 of them or do I? Let’s find out

  1. ‘N type’ articles

I’m not sure who started this trend but you’ll definitely come across one of these articles in milliseconds right after opening Facebook. When people run out of headings, they just count the points in their article and use it as heading.


  • 12 types of men you’ll see in offices(I mean c’mon, every creature is different in this corporate circus and you identified just 12?)
  •  19 songs you may want to listen over weekend( Don’t you even dare to listen to 20th one)


  1. Beauty articles

So, there are roughly some 10 remedies overall which actually work and everyone who writes these beauty articles just rewrites them by adding a couple more ingredients. These articles are kinda subset for ‘N type’ articles.


  • 16 tricks that makes your skin glow(12 of them contains honey with random shit)
  •  21 drinks that makes you look younger( 19 of them is water)

Honey is Bae

  1. Health articles:

These articles are really interesting. I click on every one of them for myself or to just BS in front of my friends. Let’s analyze these with an example

‘5 techniques that helps you lose weight without doing anything’. This is the heading and the 5 techniques will be like

  1. Avoid Carbs
  2. Drink green tea 4-5 times a day
  3. Avoid sweets and other sugars
  4. Eat only boiled vegetables and eat on time
  5. Do 60-70 mins workout per day

Wowww!!!! Why don’t you add a sixth and ask for my first born child?

I mean, Come on!!! That’s not doing nothing, that’s doing everything.

Again this is subset of ‘N type’.


  1. Gossip articles:

These articles are really something. They’ll come with additional tag like ‘Fourth one is outrageous’. Sometimes I wonder are these actually true or the writer just being a fan fiction writer. These articles get more views than any other.

These articles are not subset of ‘N type’ all the time but they intersect in the venn diagram sometimes.


  1. Food recipes:

If you live for food like me, you’ll definitely like these. It’s interesting to read them but some of them really confuse us and question our standard of living. For example, let’s see this one

’13 easy breakfasts you can prepare when you’re in hurry’

Wow! That’s nice. I can try these. Let me check the recipes.

  1. Soak the oats overnight. Boil the avocados for 20 mins and blend them into paste. Now toast your bread and spread the avocado paste over it. Not done yet. Now shred some cheese over it and microwave for 5 mins. Now add that ice cream you made last night(If you dint make the icecream last night, make it now) Freeze the breakfast for 20 mins and add some chocolate syrup over it. That’s it. Oh yeah! Soaked oats. Throw it away or something.

Thanks Man! I kinda gotta office to attend. By the way how is this an easy-to-make breakfast again? They sell idli dosa batters readymade and we don’t have time to make them.

Hey!!Hey!! wait Maybe the other article will be useful. It says ’19 healthy smoothies you can make instantly’

Cool. Let’s check them

  1. Raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, apple iphone 6S(with charger and earphones).Blend them all in the blender and add some yogurt or ice cream and don’t forget to add blood of your enemies.

Thanks Mate! If I’ve enough money to buy all those berries, I’ll be living like a celebrity(Almost All berries are expensive in India)

So again, most of the time these articles are subset of ‘N type’

giphy (1)

  1. You won’t believe articles:

I really like these guys. They are honest and warning us beforehand that we won’t believe. I’m not sure what they actually mention inside because I never read them. Look,  they frankly stated that I won’t believe and I don’t really go near things I don’t believe. You know, trust is kinda everything for me. What can I say?

giphy (4)

You can fill this section if you got any leads.

  1. Do you know articles:

It is so cute that they always try to test our general knowledge. They make us feel important for a while like how our grandfather feel when we tell him ‘Grandpa! Do you know that Grandma gave birth to daddy?’

It’s not bad, they’ve too much enthu in life. Pretty impressive.

Taking as example, I’ve gone through a certain article named ‘You won’t believe that Ms. A acted in these movies. #4 is a movie that nobody knows.’

First of all! Great job writing article from your nest which is under the rock.

Second of all! Somebody might be knowing about that movie. Maybe Actors in it or atleast the director.(BTW! That #4 was my favorite movie when I was a kid).


  1. Fake articles:

These articles became really famous in past few years. Sometimes they scare the shit out of you with fake election results and movie news. If you’re used to it, it’s fun to read them and you’ll differentiate them from the original ones. But God save those cute little ‘new to social media’ souls who are trying to get the money out of ATM using PAN card.

giphy (5)

  1. Told ya I don’t have 10
  2. Come on Guys, Believe me! I don’t have 10