23 thoughts that had passed in my mind while watching this week’s episode


Well well what’s gonna happen after that Drogon showdown?


  1. Thank you heavens! Thank you!….. Jamie is alive and oh yeah it was because of Bronn. The best thing Tyrion has done is getting this guy.
  2. ‘Bend the knee…bend the knee’ this woman is rapping again? Boy!! she is obsessed with knees.
  3. No no… don’t burn Dickon and his dad. Oh god woman! For Sam’s sake… I guess Tyrion is having second thoughts about her. Yeah, me too..
  4. Yeyyy!!! Jon taming Drogon.. having some quality Targaryen time… Just wait until you get on it ya boy…
    file (2)
  5. Finally the friendzone king is here…. Danny is happy. He’s happy. Now, go for it… tell her… tell her Sam cured you. Make her feel bad for killing his bro and daddy….Oh come on stone man!!
    I’m pretty sure she whispered ‘You still in friendzone bruh! This snow guy is hot AF’…
    giphy (9)
  6. Tyrion and Varys cribbing about their employer. I feel ya…
  7. Jon knows about Arya… Just go home and
    giphy (8)
    Oh yeah whitewalkers…big stuff..cool
  8. Ok! Jon basically said ‘F you’ and being a badass… Good for you. Give her some piece of your mind.. Yeah woman! You hear that??? no knee bending gonna happen.
  9. Sansa and Arya back with spats… Not very surprised. Not a good example for sister goals anyway.
  10. Tyrion X Jamie reunion time. I’m in tears. Hug you two, Hug 😥
  11. Someone making swords very intensely and Davos is there… That’s Gendry…I feel Gendry… Yes it is…wait..is that Christian Bale? Gendry? No, he’s Batman. Nah! he’s just welding man…. ‘I thought you were still rowing’….. We too… Looks like GOT writers are following memes continuously 😀
  12. Ok…. Gendry on boat again? Fineeee he’s not alone…
  13. Tyrion X Gendry…..quite an introduction eh?
  14. God! Jamie you deliver every news… you loyal F**k….. Ok Cersei, Do you’ve some incredible plan in that mind of yours? Or are you just stupid?
  15. More reunions…. Tyrion X Jorah….. No hugs….okey dokies…
  16. Jon be like ‘Good bye or something’…. He’s definitely playing hard to get… Deal with it Danny… Don’t piss your nephew off…
  17. Did Gilly just clear all our doubts? Rhaegar got his previous marriage annulled and married someone else? Who else? It’s Lyanna…
    giphy (11)
    Jonny boy… throne is yours…(whispers)take it….take it…
    God!! Now I wish I had a birth secret.. 😦
  18. Sammy is leaving after stealing books… Good for you or Jon or Danny or rest of the living things in show. Seriously what’s the deal with that chandelier kinda thing… CCTV?
  19. Arghhh! This little finger should go…I hate him and his scenes. Can we please kill him already? I wouldn’t mind getting Joffery and Ramsay back. Every time he appears I’ll be like
    giphy (12)
  20. It seems like Arya was possessed by Ned’s spirit which is still stupid to fall for Little finger’s traps.
  21. Jon back at wall… Tormund asking for his crush… cuteee…
  22. Yeyy!! Hound is here…Everybody talking about random stuff and Jon be like ‘This shit is so fucked up..’
  23. The seven is out to get some shit done and they just dropped this awesome poster..