The After effects of Arjun Reddy


Let me start with a confession. ‘I did not like the film ARJUN REDDY.’ Yes, I know this is enraging but there are people who didn’t like Bahubali, Dangal, Lord of the rings and Game of Thrones as well. Maybe you’re one of them too. So, kindly deal with it. I’m not here to review the movie anyway.

Let’s talk about the after effects of the film which are very clear to notice. I will walk you through a personal experience.

So, there is this famous Telugu Celebrity (I apologize to her with all my heart and brain for writing this without her consent. I can understand if this post makes her angry. Sorry Madam.) who was offended with the usage of abusive words in your film and spoke against them. Since I’m not a big TV person, I’m not a fan of hers. I don’t watch her show regularly and I do not know her full name too. All I know is that she’s a woman like me and a mother like any other mother. Initially, I didn’t bother to get into the details of that controversy. But, 2 days back I came across a Facebook post of one of my friends(not anymore) who called out on this woman, defending the necessity of abusive words in the movie. He used that word (you know very well what that word is) a couple of times in the post but that didn’t bother me because I thought maybe he liked the word. Then I get to this part of the post where he abused her saying ‘You don’t even know what is on your body and what do you do when you get on stage?’( Since the post was in Telugu this is what he said: asalu em veskuntavo, stage meeda em chestunnavo kuda telidu neeku..nuvvu cheppedi enti). Well, this triggered me…

Note: Comments in the brackets were mentioned for you to understand what I meant….

I told him ‘Judging a woman based on her clothes is unacceptable. Fashion industry folks are not jobless to make all kinds of innovations without a purpose.(I bet you know that very well). Do not call yourself a man,if you cannot respect a woman.(Oh, the irony is this man is also a part of theatre group which produces plays about women safety and empowerment). Since you are taking inspiration from a character which tries to get a student into his bed in the name of ‘Seminar’ and satisfies himself with ice cubes when nothing works out, you may drop the act of acting in such women empowerment dramas.(I was a alumni of that theatre group and I was concerned he may spoil its name just like a idiom ‘Deyyalu Vedalu Vallinchatam’)  If you like the movie, watch it again. If you like the dialogue so much, teach it to your kids(Come on, he clearly liked the usage of the word and defended it in a very long  post. There is nothing wrong with teaching something to your own kids if you like it and if you believe it’s good. My father likes the ‘Acharyadeva’ dialogue from Dana Veera Sura Karna and he taught me that. That’s your choice to teach or not. I gave a mere friendly suggestion without abusing…I repeat..without abusing) It’s not right commenting (wait, here it is a clear case of abusing) on women’s dressing sense and her family affairs….

Now, do you see any abuses in that? Well, you will see now…


To those who doesn’t understand Telugu… It translates as below. Here ‘you’ stands for women.
“I know what to teach my kids. I don’t need your help.You should wear clothing according to Indian standards. Just because someone made stylish clothes, you shouldn’t wear them. Now you’re wearing half clothes maybe in future, you go complete naked. If that’s your freedom, I’ll say whatever I want because that’s my freedom of ‘Speech’.”(I translated it little decently but seriously it’s way below vulgarity)

There you go Mr. “Hero”, the arrogant women abusers you sculpted…He actually defended himself with very misused and misunderstood phrase ‘Freedom of Speech’. He strongly judges,abuses random women and declares(as if he wrote it in constitution) what they should wear but he is not ready to take a  advice that he can teach whatever he likes to his kids. Is this called the ‘Freedom of Speech’?

So, can you please check with your dear followers and fans, if they are ok with someone saying same things to their sisters, wives and mothers? Just want to understand the trend you set.

Now, let us talk about rest of the post where he said that ‘ Your husband may stay silent if someone abuses you(which he’s clearly doing right now) but if someone says something to my wife. I will rip them apart (writing the summary in English for better understanding. Got some non-telugu friends)

Ok, how exactly this is gonna work? You protect your wife but you will abuse all other women. That’s it?  I mean clearly that’s what Arjun Reddy showcased. He doesn’t respect any other woman other than his girlfriend. On second thought, I think he doesn’t respect her and her decisions either. Like slapping her, threatening her and telling her that she should be friends with only fat ‘chicks’( I remind you. Every woman is beautiful.Not cool ‘Sir’).

Your movie maybe bold, blah blah blah(don’t remember the words they’re using to praise it) but you clearly created a disease infecting people’s minds. Made the society worse for women to live.

I’ve seen a post of yours in which you proudly said that all the top directors, actors and actresses praised your movie. They may have seen it as a movie and forgot about it after dropping a tweet. Since it’s not going to affect them and their families in any manner. But we cannot afford hiring bodyguards like you all to save us from extreme situations and people. We are hard working women who has to work from dawn to dusk to create a unique and respectful identity for ourselves, to make our parents and spouses proud, to be an inspiration to the generations we are going to raise. We are as much precious to our family as your daughters and sisters are to you. (You may not know the feeling of sister like you mentioned in your post but try to talk to some woman you cherish the most if she’s ready to be abused in the same way.)

Given to the situations of the society, we will never know when we are going to get raped at knife point(sounds familiar??) but we are not ready to give up on our dreams, ‘Shut up’ and shut ourselves in kitchen while people like you(Arjun Reddy) and your disciples try to infest the society further.




How the two epics Lion King and Bahubali are related


How the two epics Lion King and Bahubali are related

1.First of all let’s start with the mighty king ‘Mufasa’ vs ‘Amarendra Bahubali’


2.The Villain brother ‘Scar’ and ‘Bhallala deva’. FYI Rana got a scar across his face too. God knows why. Wait. I don’t think even God knows, SSR knows 😛

3.The baby prince introduction. You gotta be lifted to sky if you are a epic movie hero 😛

‘Baby Simba’ vs ‘Baby Bahubali’

  1. The mother who lives as Villain’s prisoner and being tortured

“Sarabi” vs ‘DevaSena’

  1. And the young couple who start with a fight and end up falling in love.

‘Simba-Nala’ vs ‘Sivudu-Avanthika’. And heroine is the reason he returns to the kingdom.


6.The Timon and Pumba who takes care of the Hero.

It’s a funny thought and we were excited while finding these similarities yet with lot of difference. After all nothing can replace these two Masterpieces.(Hoping Bahubali-2 replaces the first part though:P)

If you find more similarities, let me know in comments.